AC97 or HD Audio?

I have an Asus P6T motherboard with an onboard audio connector that supports either AC97 or HD Audio. My Antec nine hundred case has a couple audio ports on the front of it and a single audio wire to connect to the motherboard which has both AC97 and HD Audio connectors on the end of the wire, and the manual says to use one or the other.

If I just want to connect a mic and headphones to the front ports on the case, which connector should I use and why?

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  1. unless it's high quality heaphones and wanting to get the best of of them then it doesn't really matter, However out of the two I think HD audio is the better. Not certain though.
  2. HD is better than the older AC97. Both are fairly good though.
  3. After close long listening sessions on my asus m4n68t v2, I think I like the a97 for 2 channel audio better indeed.
  4. Given a choice, I will go with HDA.
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