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Hi I had someone hack my Facebook and then my email yesterday. Who ever done this changed passwords so I can not get back in, and then spent a few bucks on my eBay account, before I got a hold of them by phone and put a stop to it. This led me to start scanning my computer with several different anti virus programs, and StopZilla is the only program that found this on my machine, which I believe, because whoever hacked me had to have a way to get into my accounts and has changed pw's on both my email and Facebook on me. Facebook locked my account for me, but hotmail says they can do nothing, because if he or she is that good they will just hack back in? Wow, talk about a lack of security. I even had my Facebook set so that it had to send me a confirmation code on my cell to enter before anyone could get in, and while out yesterday my cell goes off, and there is a confirmation code??? I come home and am locked out??
So the scans show nothing except a vundo.A with comodo and avg, but stopzilla shows this pws banker.....
Anyone able to tell me how to get rid of this trojan? I removed it with stopzilla, but on next scan it is there again. My machine is an hp laptop, very new, and windows7 64 bit if that makes a difference
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  1. I've found this on the web, check it out:

    This guy tried many antivirus and anti-spyware programs, but only one of them worked.
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