Reliable 32GB Flash storage?

Looking for a reliable 32GB flash stick!
Most of them cost more or less the same, and I'm having difficulties finding a test of the different options!
Which brand got the best reputation?

Best regards,
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  1. as long as you get a reputable brand - i would say the differences are negligible.

    Iomega, Sandisk and Kingston are three off the top of my head that I would recommend blindly.

    Do you really need a 32GB stick - remember if you lose it = a lot of data loss. Two 16GB's might work better - only lose half the data if lot stick or failure.
  2. all flash drives used now are USB 2.0 which has a low speed generally....USB 3.0 Flash drives have been invented 2 months ago which is faster than usb 2.0 and also has several fixes which makes it more reliable........many top companies would be launching usb 3.0 in another 2 if u wait u can make a good purchase for the future.....and better go for H.P ot TRANSCEND if u buy any flash drive(even if u go for 3.0 usb) and always buy a single memory 32gb works dead cheaper...
  3. Not all USB memory is created equal. When going above 4 Gigs pay attention to reviews as to speed. On larger than 4 gigs there can be considerable speed diff, even with the same manuf. Check out user reviews on newegg, but take with a grain of salt.

    As to USB ver 3 - The computer must also have USB 3 to take advantage of increased speed. USB 3 Thumb drives are going to be more expensive initially (will come down later, maybe a year from now). So you can not utilize USB 3 and don't like the cost differential - stick to USB 2. If money no object and can use USB in the immediate future - Buy Usb 3 (Ps if money no object - get USB 2 and send me the difference.
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