Pretty sure i can go faster.

Hi yall.
I'm pretty new to overclocking in general, but i'm sure my graphics card will go faster, but I must be doing something wrong. As every time I overclock it I get worse framerates in my games, ARGGGHHHH!!!! Please help.
So far this is my pc:

ASUS P5Q pro

E8400 wolfdale @ 4.00ghz 442mhz FSB 9x multiplyer (1.47v)

8gb Corsair 6400 @ 885mhz or there abouts lol 1:1 ratio 5-4-4-14 (2.2v)

XFX Black Edition GTX260 Graphics Clock 666mhz / Memory Clock 1680mhz / Processor Clock 2808mhz

OCZ Turbo 30gb Boot disc with Windows 7 64

800W Power Supply

+ more hdds, phys x and other attachments

If you can see anywhere I can improve or anywhere i've gone wrong with what i've done thus far, please point it out.
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  1. Mastikk said:

    E8400 wolfdale @ 4.00ghz 442mhz FSB 9x multiplyer (1.47v)

    Dude, open up cpuz and let us know if you have an E0 or C0 processor. 1.47v for 4.0Ghz is insane.
  2. Got it stable taking it back to 1.4v. gona try lowering it even more later. Its a CO processor. How much difference does it make? I took my ram voltage back n all but had to increase timings again. It was too buggy while gaming :(. Looks like I was being a peen arse when checking over graphics clocks. Ones i posted where my max speeds it will let me increase too. The stock speeds are:
    Graphics Clock- 666mhz
    Mem Clock- 1150mhz
    Shader Clock-1404mhz
    Serves me right lol. Wont be having mates over while overclocking again me thinks
  3. Ok BioS settings thus far
    CPU Ratio - 9x
    FSB - 444mhz
    PCIE Frequency - 100mhz
    DRAM Timings 5-5-5-18
    CPU Voltage 1.4
    DRAM Voltage 2.1
    CPU Spread Spectrum - Disabled
    PCI Spread Spectrum - Disabled
    CPU Margin Enhancement - Performance
    C1E Support - Disabled
    Execute Disable bit - Disabled
    Everything else is pretty much set to Auto
    But let me know if you need any more info
  4. yep cant go lower than 1.41 so far without pc blue screening!!!! any suggestions?
  5. thanks for the warning. im starting again from scratch seing as ive learnt alot from everyone here in the past few days. will continue ocing after work tomoz and will post new results soon. any critical advice before i restard would be much appreciated. thanks peeps
  6. Auto is not your friend when overclocking.

    At the very minimum you need to set:
    FSB Term
    NB Volt
    SB Volt

    and a very good idea to set GTL Ref voltage and PLL
  7. Ok cool.
    This is new set up. Think its a good starting point.

    FSB Freq 400mhz

    PCIE Freq 100mhz

    DRAM Freq 400mhz

    5-5-5-18-3-Auto-6-3-8-3-5-4-6-4-7-14-5-1-6-6 Auto on the rest. (that should all be ruffly manufacturers settings)

    CPU V - 1.3v
    CPU GTL Ref - Auto
    CPU PLL V - 1.5v
    FSB Termination - 1.2v
    SB Voltage - 1.1v I think the NB is at 1.2v/1.3v (Forgot to write it down :( )

    All Spread Spectrums - Disabled
    CPU Margin Enhancement - Performance
    Max CPUID Value limit - Disabled
    Execute Disable Bit - Disabled
    Intel V tech - Enabled
    Intel Speed Step - Enabled

    Does my CPU voltage still seem a litle high for such a small over clock?
  8. Excellent. Ive turned on the C1E Support and speed step n all that jazz. PC still seems stable and happy to lower the ratio by its self no problem.
    Decided I'd try and get some tighter timings with my ram.
    On the Corsair website they say they got my RAM down to 4-4-4-12 timings at 400mhz at 2.1v.
    I've had no luck. The PC boots happily enough but its really unstable, random restarts and closing programs.
    So I took the timings back to 4-4-4-15. Better but not great. :(
    Should I be increasing the nb voltage aswell?
    I'm not entirely sure how to work out the GTL reference voltage too.
    Any suggestions would be great. Thaanks for your help so far aswell.
  9. I didnt even bother stress testing that. It rebooted while just food shopping online.
  10. I think its ok. Prim95 and MemTest found no errors. With the temp only hitting 54C.
    Thats with these settings
    Multiplyer 9x

    FSB 400mhz

    PCIE 100mhz

    FSB Strap top NB Auto

    DRAM Freq 801mhz 5 5 5 18

    DRAM Static |Read Control Disabled

    DRAM Read timing Disabled

    Mem. OC CHarger Enabled

    AI Clock Twister Auto

    AI Transaction Booster Auto

    CPUV 1.31250v

    CPU GTL Ref Auto

    CPU PPL V 1.6

    FSB Termination V 1.26

    DRAM V 1.9

    SB V 1.1

    Spread Spectrum Disabled

    NB Clock Skew Auto

    CPU Clock Skew Auto

    CPU Margin Enhancement Performance

    C1E Support Enbled

    Max CPUID Value Limit Disabled

    Intel V tech Enabled

    CPU TM Function Enabled

    Execute Disable bit Enabled.

    How do those seem?

    Im going to leave Prime95 running all day while im at work make sure there are no probs after long time.
    Any ideas on what I should do with the stuff ive got set to auto? Or where i can find a simple explanation of what they do?
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