Heat issue?

Ok, I'm running mid 50's idle which was pretty mcuh the norm before I replaced my mobo and had to clean and re-paste heatsink and CPU. Only thing I really play these days is Everquest and Eve Online. Problem is my temps shoot to the high 70's when either is running. I have 2 EQ accounts, and when I try to launch a second instance of the game, it (the second instance) crashes before it finishes loading.

Just noticed the high temps last night. Could that be causing the crash? I figured if it were getting too hot, it would shut the PC down instead. I'm thinking I need to pull the heat sink, clean it again, and re-apply. Using Arctic Silver Ceramique with the standard Intel HS and fan.


New items:
Giga Mobo
500 GB HDD
ASUS HD 4830

Old items:
3GB G. Skill PC 6400
500W PSU Dual Rails
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  1. Those temps are too high for that CPU. I would guess that one of the pins on the cooler isn't fully seated. I don't know for sure that's what's causing your crashes, but it certainly isn't good for your CPU. That CPU's max temp rating is 60C. I run a Zalman cooler, but my E6420 overclocked to 3.2GHz runs in the mid/low 50's at full load.

    You didn't list what model PSU you have. A very likely cause of your crashes could be that the PSU isn't a quality model and can't supply enough voltage for your new 4830.
  2. It's a 500W Zmax which I know isn't considered top quality, but it's run like a champ for 2 years now. I did however swap back to my old X1950 Pro which previously ran dual instances w/o issue, and the problem still exisits.

    I'll check the HS when I get home to make sure it's seated properly. I put this rig together Friday night, and it's run off and on since then. Should I clean the HS and CPU and reapply the thermal grease, or should I be safe just reseating the HS? I followed the instructions on Artic Silver's website when applying. Always had the thermal pad before. I did clean it thoroughly before reapplying the new grease.

    Also, was thinking about getting a new PSU anyway. Any recommendations in the $50-$60 price range? Can't really afford to spend much more than that currently.
  3. Corsair CMPSU-400CX ATX12V Power Supply - CMPSU-400CX
    http://www.buy.com/prod/corsair-400w-cx-series-12v-atx-80-plus-certified-power-supply/q/loc/101/209253909.html $51.26 - $10 MIR (free shipping)

    Corsair VX450W ATX12V & EPS12V Power Supply - CMPSU-450VX
    http://www.buy.com/prod/corsair-450w-vx-series-12v-atx-80-plus-certified-power-supply-corsair/q/loc/101/205466485.html $69.99 - $10 MIR (free shipping)

    PC Power & Cooling Silencer PPCS500 500W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply - Retail
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817703015 $69.99 - $20 MIR
  4. Was looking at this one:

    Do I need to clean and reapply the thermal grease after I reseat the heat sink?

    Thanks for your response.
  5. That PSU isn't the greatest, but it should do.

    If you have extra thermal past you might as well clean off the old stuff and re-apply. Make sure not to use too much. Less is more! :)
  6. Very late reply, but I wanted to say thanks. Ended up being an issue with both the cooler and the PSU. Just as you had mentioned, one of the pins wasn't connected properly. Temp dropped to mid-high 30's after fixing that. Turns out the PSU was dying as well. Would power on a few minutes and then power off. Replaced it with the OCZ I linked. May not be the best, but it had good reviews and was affordable. Working like a champ now.

    Thanks again.
  7. Glad to hear you're up and running! It's a good thing you caught the dying PSU before it started taking out other hardware. :)
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