2nd HD not showing up

I had a NAS that stopped working for me so I decided to take the hard drive out and install it in my desktop. I can see the new HD in BIOS and it shows up in Device Manager, but it does not show up under My Computer. I can't see what's on the hard drive, which is what I would like to do. Do i need to do something else or does it look like the drive failed. I'm using Windows 7 64-bit.

Thanks for any help,
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  1. try deleting the hdd completely and creating partitions on it again.............
    u can do it better in the xp partition screen that appears while installing a new xp.......
  2. Of course that will wipe anything on the drive, and by the way, that gif attached to your thread is annoying.
  3. There is still some info on the drive that I would like to salvage, so I don't want to wipe the drive. It's not that important of stuff so I'm not too worried about it. I was just hoping I could plug it in and it would show up. When it didn't my next thought was i needed to do something else for it to show up in explorer. I thought it was a little strange that it was showing up in BIOS and Device Manager. It even shows the make and size of the drive.

    I think that gif is hilarious. I laugh every time i see it. I guess you should just be glad I don't post a lot :-)
  4. I suspect the format on the drive is not typical for the drivers which run with your windows7 64 bit (ntfs). There might be a possiblilty with the right driver and the drive connected externally but don't know-
    Can you define "a Nas that stopped working for me".
    What does win7 partmgr say about the drive. By that did you use administrative tools / storage to look at the drive for any active partitioning.
    If you can give up on any files or data it might be interesting to find out if you can initialize the drive and partition then format it.
  5. It was in a Buffalo LinkStation. It stopped showing up on my network and was flashing an error code. I can't remember what the error was, but it was pretty nondescrip.

    I've disconnected it for now, but it was showing 4 partitions, if i remember correctly. I believe the drive was formatted to XFS
  6. So I believe there's no way windows is going to natively see any data.
    Again to see if it simply lost it's imaging due to corruption you can use administrative tools to delete any existing partitions, reboot and try to create new partitioning data and format (not quick) and test to see if reliable at all.
    good luck
  7. if it is just JBOD drive you might be able to recover something using some 3rd party application that can "read" your drive. if it is in raid0 or 5 this might be more troublesome which "RAID Reconstructor" is required.

    if you are checking out your HDD, don't forget to run test using seatools or WD's WinDLG.
  8. Looks like i need a program to read the xfs file system, which seems to be more troublesome than you would think.

  9. try google "xfs windows"
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