Hard drive detected but not working

Ok I have 2 hard drives. One I just bought because my other hard drive seems to be dying after about 3 months YAY!

The hard drive that seems to be dying is a WD10EADS (or piece of *** which I now call it)

So I'd like to get my information off that dying drive but having all kinds of problems getting it to respond.

So Thought I'd post here to see if anyone could pin point the issue.

BIOS can detect it when I start up.

but will often hang on windows when its trying to boot up from the other hard drive.

If I unplug the WD hard drive, windows will boot up. From there if I plug power back into the WD hard drive. Windows XP will do its normal sound like its found new hardware and will load show up 1 partition which will bring up a warning if I click on it.

The drive before it started playing up had more then 1 partition so its not reading any of that information correctly.

After the sound that it has found new hardware it will make the other sound that it has been disconnected. So its as if the hard drive powers on but then powers off even if the power cable is still connected.

Addition info is..

As soon as I got it to power on I ran GetDataBack for NTFS. This sat there for a while but then as normal the drive powered off and it came up with information about the hard drive:

Geometry: 1938021 Cylinders * 16 heads * 63 sectors
LBA sectors: 1,953,525,168 (932 GB)
Kind of access: LBA Mode

Not sure if any of that is useful but would love any info that could help.

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  1. maybe this will work,,,,,,,
    since you said it is detected in BIOS...i thnk the hdd is not damaged....
    so,connect your hdd via usb as u normally do
    insert your xp cd and let it run till the xp partion screen appears(blue screen)...
    your dying hardisk will appear if not wait for a while for it to appear.......
    after all the partions of your WD10EADS appears delete them one by one and bring it to a single larger partition......now create a new drive on that partion......and exit xp installation (F3).......THATS IT....
  2. Turns out the hard drive is fine, my motherboard SATA ports on the other hand aren't doing so well.

    I went out and bought a new hard drive connected it up loaded up windows and tried to initialize the Hard drive to then format it from windows disk managers....

    After leaving it over night and it still hadn't initialized I knew something was pretty messed up.

    At work today I borrowed an external Hard drive case that I could put my new hard drive into and run it through the USB ports.

    Ran the disk manager again and it initialized itself in seconds. I could then format it and now use it.

    plugged my WD10EADS into the external HD case and everything loaded perfectly.....

    Yay! So anyone got any good suggestions for new motherboards :p
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