Why did my 3d partition that I created become Drive F rather than E??

I repartitioned my HDD, and I ended up with the situation where I have drives C, D, F. And E is taken by my dvd burner. That's kind of silly; I would prefer to have C, D, E, and to have the dvd burner be drive F. Why did this happen, first of all, and second, how to make it the way I want?

I used Parted Magic version 3.4. I already had WinXP Pro installed on C:. And I had a second partition, D. So in the beginning I had C: and D:. (And dvd burner was E) Then I split D: into two (didn't touch C: at all) to create a total of 3 partitions on my hard drive. Now I have drives C:, D:, F: and my dvd burner is still Drive E.

So why did Win assume that my optical drive should retain Drive E rather than making it Drive F? I wanted my HD partitions to be sequential: C, D, E, and for the dvd burner to become Drive F. This really isn't anything major or crucial... but still, can anyone explain it and suggest how to fix it? Thanks!
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  1. just right click on my computer>manage>disk management....
    right click on dvd burner(E) >CHANGE DRIVE LETTER AND PATHS and change its letter to any other like G OR H.....now right click on your (F) drive and change its letter to (E) then come back to ur dvd burner and change it to (F)....
    windows will give you some notifications while doing this but just ignore them.......thats it....
  2. Great, thanks! I got it.
  3. vimal992 gave you the right procedure to change drive letter names. The reason it happened is simple. When you add or create a new drive, Windows normally just assigns it the next letter available. It makes no attempt to classify all your existing drives and group them by type giving priority to HDD's over opticals, as you wish it had done.

    Be aware of one thing. Some of your short cuts and some of your applications may already have information that certain files and file types are (or should be) on drive E:, because they are on the optical drive. When you find these after changing the letter name of the optical unit, you'll have to fix them.
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