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My Graphics card seems to run at very high temp. I use speedfan to moniter temps.

Immediately after turning the PC on and loading Vista The GPU Temp was 52 C (within 30 seconds of turning PC on). Room temp is normal, about 20 C. The PC hadn't been on since the previous day so could not still be warm. After the PC is idle for a while it settles to about 62 C, and goes up to about 80 C under load.

PC specs:

ASUS P5B-VM SE board
E6600 CPU
2 x 2GB DDR2 RAM

Are these temps normal or should I be doing something to try and reduce??

Any thoughts appreciated

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  1. normal
  2. OK thanks
  3. every so often you should clean the dust out of the vga fan. If dust plugs up the fan, they can fail and the card will overheat. It is also good to dust them out in order to keep good airflow through the heatsinks.
  4. Makes sense - I'll do that every now and then...

    Cheers for the tip
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