Need a Core i7 Overclocking Guide

Looking for a Core i7 Overclocking Guide. I have an EVGA x58 mobo, and could have sworn I saw a guide for that in here somewhere. It is so helpful when the bios matches to learn the specific settings.

Anybody have a copy, or could refer to some link that does?

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  1. Hi.

    Check this

    If u need more help let me know.
  2. Thanks Saint. The first link was by the same author, but his original thread is no longer on this site. Does anybody have an original copy of Overshocked's guide? What you sent me to has lots of good stuff, but I am trying to remember the specifics on the BIOS screens.

    The second site would be great for beginners, but I have already gotten to 4.2Ghz. Sort of hit a wall, and want to get some hints to punch through.
  3. Google it, u can find very good OC guides about the i7.
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