Overclocking E7200 up to 3GHz or higher

i want to know how should i set my bios ( and other settings if necessary)to overclock my stock E7200 up to 3GHz or higher? let say 3.15 GHz and having a stable overclocked system.
my spec : board intel DG31PR, power supply simbadda 500W,I am using Nvidia GTS 250, single internal hard disc samsung 160Gb, DVD RW, cooler master hyper tx3, two enermax magma, with corsair twin RAM 2GB.
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  1. Here is a great pretty much step by step guide for you.

    I have never heard of that power supply though so you may want to be careful as "budget" PSUs have a way of dying and taking other parts with them when stressed.
  2. but then, is 500watt, only peak maybe, would be enough? see, my gts 250 requires minimum 450watt in a system with core 2 extreme qx6700, while mine is core2duo. if i overclock it, would it be enough?
  3. It provides enough power for sure.........the issue is the quality. I have never heard of that PSU and do not see any reviews from anywhere I trust. Generally quality power supplys are known worldwide.
    The problem is some cheaper units do not provide "stable" power. So quite literally you risk frying your components.
    It may very well work fine. The only way to know for sure is to try. Just follow the guide I linked to in my earlier post.
  4. I always get annoyed when I read about "quality PSUs". What a nonsense... I've been using a 450W generic PSU for a number of years, never had any problems with it and probably never will.
  5. andyKCIUK said:
    I always get annoyed when I read about "quality PSUs". What a nonsense... I've been using a 450W generic PSU for a number of years, never had any problems with it and probably never will.

    Well I have built several hundred computers since the Pentium II and Windows 95 days and have been using them since the Apple IIe and orignal Macintosh so I guess I have no idea what the hell I am talking about. I guess that applys to about 90% of the posters on Tom's as well especially the ones who actually pay attention to actual hardware testing.

    You got lucky with one generic power supply. If you actually read my post I did mention it may work fine. See a few burst capacitors in some "generic" power supplys or lose a motherboard or two and you might change your mind.

    You might drive drunk 300 times and not kill anyone too but that dont mean its a good idea .....
  6. well, then I'll be buying corsair PSU, to what number you (anort3) would suggest? recommend me a number that is enough for later upgrades but not to much to waste for recent usage.

    man, I hate to throw something away just to upgrade,especially i had just bought this generic PSU few months ago (when i wasn't thinking of overclocking my processor) but since it would risk the whole system burned, i suppose i have no option.

    hey, would any pure PSU fit in my micro atx case??
  7. well, what brands to have a good quality PSU (also pure PSU I mean) other than corsair??

    hey, I am wondering, when I asked my friend about OC-ing my processor, he told me to lower the memory multiplier, what does that mean? won't that slowing down instead of increasing the speed?

    he also told me to set the Vcore to1.275, do you agree??

    he informed me that sata HDD are sensitive to any change during OC?? well I am using SAMSUNG SATA 160GB anyway...

    oh yeah, I read too that it's better to take RAM with non standard series?? i mean i am using corsair PC6400, so for OC, i need RAM other than PC 6400 series?? do I??

    well, I know nothing about OC, so any advise will absolutely be important...
    thank you.
  8. You will be fine for years with a quality 500w to 650w PSU from Corsair, Antec, Seasonic , PC Power and Cooling ect. This will be good for just about any single card made so will be fine as long as you do not plan on running Crossfire or SLI with high end cards. If you do plan on running more than 1 graphics card you will generally want 650w to 850w depending on the cards.

    The above recommendations will leave you PLENTY of headroom, as you mentioned what you have now will be fine with a good 450w unit.

    Read the link I posted earlier about overclocking. It is pretty much a complete guide and covers everything from what memory you need to voltages. I do not agree with what your friend told the guide. 2 identical chips bought on the same day from the same store may overclock very differently. The guide tells you how to get the most out of what you have.

    Here is a good GENERAL power supply buyers guide. It is by no means complete or perfect but in general if you stick to what it lists as tier 2 or better you will have a damn good product.
  9. but then, will any case power supply fit in this micro ATX case??
  10. Every single one of us who posted in this thread needs to learn to google :whistle:

    You have an Intel motherboard with no overclocking options. You are not overclocking anything with that board.

    I really just noticed.......sorry about that. Intel boards are usually really stable and work with just about any parts but most of them lack advanced features found on "enthuiast" boards like overclocking.

    Go to the manual ..........No changeable options is listed everywhere you would need to change to overclock.

    Once again sorry.....I should have seen it earlier.
  11. then what board do you suggest to OC my system?? board that may involve (hopefully) all parts left if i throw out this board.
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    Ok here is the thing. That system is getting old at this point and I can not recommend putting too much money in it. If I was you I would stay with what you have untill you can afford a complete upgrade. Maybe sell that system and apply the money you get to a new build.

    If you HAVE to stay with what you have. And you HAVE to overclock it then you are also a bit limited by the Micro ATX case. I would say one of these if you can find them. The question is if you need a new motherboard and PSU when are you just wasting money on dead technology?
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  14. Quote:
    You might drive drunk 300 times and not kill anyone too but that dont mean its a good idea .....

    +1 ^^^^ good point!
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