ATI 3850 agp cooler

Does anyone know of a after market cooler for a ATI 3850 that does not extend above the the card?

I am limited by the clearance in the the case it's a X-QPack .

This is a agp card by the way although i haven't found anywhere that mentions a difference in size between agp and pci-e.

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  1. Most of the premium after market coolers I know of are pretty large, taking up another slot space. But there are probably passive coolers that are single slot designs. You did google right?
  2. Yes i did google.
    But the problem is not if i lose slots i have 2 i can lose anyway the problem is the cooler must not extend above the card vertically .
    I have maybe 1/4 of inch clearance above the card in this case. I would even be willing to buy someones stock cooler they removed if it did not extend above the card. Most of the coolers have heat pipes that extend to above the card.

    this is medi center pc for movies thats reason for small case.
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