Trying to find bst backup solution

Looking for a cost effective efficient and reliable way to back up my data. Currently I have an 80gb HDD in my dell inspiron laptop. My 120gb DD got a virus and failed. In the process of trying to recover that HDD. In the wake of this I am trying to come up with a backup plan.

Basically I want to backup my OS/documents/apps, my music library (a little over 100gb) and a movie library (currently 150gb but I want the ability to increase this to 300-500gb overall).

I am limited to products currently.

Option 1) Stay with my 80 or 120 HDD's. Store music and movies on external HDD.

Option 2) Upgrade internal HDD to larger HDD. Store music on the internal while keeping movies on an external.

So what would be a good way to back these options up? Just another external HDD? External RAID1? NAS?

I am concerned about viruses too as I download most of my movies from torrent sites. I believe this is how I aquired the virus that crashed my 120gb internal HDD. I also have an external HDD that failed although I'm not sure if it was due to virus or device failure.

lately I've been thinking most about getting a 2TB external raid1 setup. But due to y virus concerns I believe I would still need a backup to that. Is that right?

So am I missing anything? Anyone want to take take a stab at how they would setup their plan considering what I am working with? Any input appreciated.
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  1. The most secure backup solution is to use one or two external disks that are stored separately. The very best solution is to store the most recent backup offsite. Offsite storage can be as simple as leaving it at work until you've made the next backup.

    Everything after that (i.e., which program you use) is mostly a matter of preference.
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