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I'm new to liquid cooling system and I'm planning to build one in near future. Anyway, I heard that in order to assure that there's no leak inside the PC, I have to perform 24 hour leak test prior to running the system. The question is, how do I do that? Please, explain to me step by step the procedures to perform that kind of test.

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  1. #1 assemble you system aka. connect all the tubes where they need to go into all the parts and fittings. bolt it on like you would if you were installing the parts where u wanted them.

    #2 now that all the parts are installed and teh tubes the correct size and length. unbolt them and move all of the loop outside of the computer
    #3 fill with water and let sit for a while until you're sure it wont leak. oh yea....make sure you have a temp heat sink on your cpu...and oh yea....make sure your pump and rad fans are on
  2. I didn't do it the way 14yue explained, I did mine in my case with all my components installed, but I didn't connect the PSU to the motherboard, or anything else except a harddrive, a few fans and of course the pump.
    So Even if the loop does leak onto my components it won't matter, all you have to do is leave it to dry for a few days, I put tissue paper where I thought leaks may occur, So the chance of any coolant spilling on my components was slim.

  3. Put every thing out side the case, jump the PSU from green to black. Let it run for a day or so.
  4. mehh thats how i did it =)
  5. Okey...guys, thanks for the advice.....
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