Can I plug wireless router and external hard drive into multiple port

Somehoe my USB ports on front of my computer are not functioning. In the back of my computer I have Lynksis wireless plugged into a port. Can I use multiple port and plug both external hard drive and wireless reader and not overload the system
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  1. Yes. Each USB port is spec'd to work independently, both in terms of data handling capacity and its ability to supply limited power to connected devices. For the most part, using multiple USB devices simultaneously is not problem at all - that's what the system is designed for. Note that when you see several USB ports in one area (like the group int the front, or the second group on the back), each port is individual - they are not connectors that share one port.
  2. Paperdoc,

    Thanks a lot for responding.
    What happened to me is the front USB ports were fried, and no longer useable. I now have 4 more add'l ports in the back plus the adaptor hub. I was afraid to use it when I wrote this. I didn't know what had happpened to the front ports and was afraid to fry the back ports.
    Much more comfortable with the external hub now
    Thanks again
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    Regarding the "fried" front USB ports, check carefully which mobo connector they are plugged into. The connectors for both USB and IEEE 1394a (aka Firewire 400) look exactly the same, BUT they are electrically quite different. It is possible to connect the USB front port cable into the Firewire pinout on the mobo, but when you actually plug in a USB device there it can permanently damage the device or the mobo. Make SURE your front panel USB cable is NOT plugged into the mobo Firewire port.
  4. Doc

    The techie diabled the front ports.Although not as convenient, I will be using ports in back of computer.
    It is good to know this site exists!
    I used to have a boyfriend who helped me in times such as this...but he just found a new I am on my own, technically speaking :-)
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