Mvix 760 HD vs. Ultio vs. NETGEAR EVA 9150

Hello everyone,
I'm looking for a replacement for my Mvix 760 HD. I do have a lot of video files but mostly would be playing music on the unit. The interface on the 760 HD for music was brutal. Out of the Netgear model, the Ultio and the PCH c 200, which has the best interface for playing music, i.e. different sorting methods, playlists and displaying song titles? The Ultio's specs sound good but I had very bad luck with my 760 HD and lousy tech support. The unit kept locking up and could only be reset by unplugging/plugging the power cord in. Mvix tech-support asked that I send the unit back sans power cord but after keeping it for about a month they then asked that I send the power cord to them. After another couple of weeks they finally sent me a new unit, this is the main reason I'm reluctant to buy an ULtio. That and the lousy music interface on the 760 HD. The netgear unit's specs sound nice but it doesn't do NAS, this isn't a deal killer but it would be nice to have. I'm really leaning towards the PCH but from what I've read so far it sounds like it doesn't have many features for playing music and is mainly geared for playing video. I noticed it does support a lot of audio codecs but again, I'd like to be sure it has enough features and a decent interface for playing music.

Any info and/or recommendations are greatly appreciated, thanks!
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  1. I find it hard to believe the EVA doesn't do NAS. I've had the EVA 8000 since 2007 and I have 20,000 media files on NAS (Photos, Videos, music) and never had a problem. I never bothered with the netgear software, I just do everything SMB, both public shares and with userid and password.
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