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i was lead to believe that the msi 980a g65 m/b was a good platform to build on and what do you think ? if so what high end ddr3 do you recomend? what tri sli video card would you use
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  1. Heres my MSI NF980-G65 experience everything was going great until about 5 days past Newegg's 30 day return policy and the M/B died, I RMAd the M/B to MSI and was actually shocked at how fast they resolved the problem, MSI replaced the M/B with a brand new in the box replacement, and all I sent them was the actual M/B.

    Kudos to MSI on their handling of the situation, I have no clue as to what happened to the M/B and MSI gave no explanation, they just replaced it, I was pleased with the M/Bs performance and overclocking ability before and after the incident, I've achieved a 100% stable 4.2G overclock with an AMD 965BE CPU.

    Since the M/B was replaced I've had no further problems what so ever!

    I am suggesting the memory below because it runs at a lower voltage than my present 1600mhz modules do, it is low profile so if you decide to go with an after market air cooling solution, like a Cooler master Hyper 212+, it will clear the modules, and it runs CAS 8 at 1600mhz, while my present memory runs CAS 9.

    Memory Suggestion

    If you do not like my memory suggestion the NF980 has memory voltage adjustments past 2.0v, but I'd shy away from those bad hair day MoHawk style modules, if you have intentions of getting an after market cooling solution, as the DDR3 slots are real close to the CPU Socket.

    what tri sli video card would you use

    I'm presently using 2 MSI 260GTX in SLI, but no matter what graphics solution you go with, 3 way SLI just doesn't deliver performance vs money invested, personally I wouldn't even consider going 3 way SLI, but I'm not you, and that's just my opinion.

    Hope this information helps! Ryan
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