Is 8gb just overkill? Virtual machines and Windows 7.

If you plan to run xp or vista virtual machines and eventually upgrade to windows 7, is 8gb useful or will 4gb suffice?

I currently have 4gb of OCZ PC-8000 Platinum ram. Unfortunately one of the sticks now fails memtest86 and to meet the requirements of the OCZ RMA, I need to send both the faulty and working stick back to them.

Of course this leaves me with no ram at all whilst I'm sending my ram overseas to the Netherlands for an RMA. So I have two options:

1) Buy another 4gb pair of OCZ - £40
2) Buy a cheap slower 1gb stick to run my system whilst I wait for the new ram from OCZ. - £10 but useless once my OCZ ram arrives.

I'm currently only running winxp 32 bit so that's 3gb max usable. However, when I start studying for the MCDST I plan to be running virtual machines. Worth spending the extra for 8gb or will 4gb do?

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  1. The fact MCDST focuses on XP only, no need to VM Vista or Windows 7 at all at the moment. Also, Vista is fine on 4GB, so no need to go to 8GB just yet. Far as the two options, I say get the 1GB and RMA the RAM.
  2. IF you run VMs regularly yes, 8GB will certainly help. Else, don't really need more than 4GB. Also I'm assuming you have/get x64 OS to use more than 4GB RAM.
  3. its nice for VM's, being able to set aside 4GB for a VM is wonderful
  4. Cheers for the replies, I'll just get a gig for now whilst I rma my ram.
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