Getting a new HSF

im looking into a new HSF for my newly over clocked i7 930 im looking at the.....

Prolimatech Megahalems Rev. B
Noctua NH-D14
Cogage Arrow

now i have seen a lot of reviews and videos and the nh d14 seems to come out on top every time but most of them compare it to the megahalems with 1 fan or no fans well that's stupid, i know the nh d14 comes with fans and the other doesn't but still its a now contest if one has fans and one doesn't.

does anyone know of or have a review of the megahalems with (2) 120mm fans vs the nh d14 with its stock fans?

and does the cogage arrow even compair to the other two?
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  1. all of them are very similar in performance, maybe ~2-5 deg difference. add 2 fans on the megahalems for good noice/performance cooling.
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