Distorted POST screen

hello,i'm having a problem fixing an old pc.

sorry i forgot to write down the specs,but it something like ami bios(default time setting is 1988)
not so old CPU
samsung on the post screen....

case: distorted bios screen
=unplugged and plugged the memory then it works but problem persist after rebooting.
so i recommend them to go to a pc repair shop for diagnosis, maybe it's on the mobo or ram.
=it's the RAM. But the owner can't afford the service price.

1.replaced the RAM and it worked fine,I format and reinstall the os but after that ,the OS's screen resolution cant change to 800x600.

2.upon rebooting, i cant acces the OS, it just load then a black screen.

what seems to be the problem?is it the bios(outdated),battery.harddisk or what..?

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  1. bad monitor or bad video card. if the screen is distorted before the OS boots then this would be the case. if it is onboard video then the mainboard may have to be replaced or you may be able to get away with it by installing a new video card
  2. What monitor? CRT?

    [Do you mean you tried to change it to a resolution higher than 800x600? 800x600 is the lowest XP can go I think.

    I hope you've loaded all the drivers (hunt them on Internet for latest) after a clean install of the OS. If you didn't then you're looking for trouble.

    it's a CRT monitor.

    i meant i tried to change the resolution from 640x480(4 bit only) to 800x600 but it cant.I'm just confused because in normal installations, it's not just a very poor 4 bit resolution.
    -okay, i'll try for the drivers.

    replacing the RAM solved the distorted post screen.

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