HELP..Need Advice on Choosing a Case

Hello every one.
I need a new case and I don't know what to choose. I want it to be a mid-tower case that is MADE IN CHINA (yes because my country lacks the high-end cases and I have my brother visiting china now so I want him to bring me a chinese case to avoid paying for shipping and taxes)
If possible I like the case to have a side window, the ability to adopt one 360 mm radiator or 2 x 240 radiators (water cooler ready), good cable routing ability, good looks, built-in fan controller and multiple quiet fans.
Not necesserily having all of those, but I'll appreciate if you advice on a one that comes as close as possible.
I asked him to look for antec 900 but till now he has no luck finding a local retailer for antec products in the city where hi's having buisness (Guangzhou)..
Appreciate any help.
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  1. case is about fans and space

    psu on the bottom is better then on top - but no biggie

    you need a minimum of 120mm in and out - typcially bottom front and top back

    if you have a hot gpu you need a door fan - you can cut the hole if need be

    better is dual 120 in and out and door fan as seen in antec 900 or 1200

    chemming is ok - its been around for ever - its a large tower
  2. chemming? I did't hear about it..could you please give a link to a specific case that you see fit?
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