What could cause over heat on motherboard

I got a problem with my motherboard when i view hardware temperature with EVEREST ULTIMATE.

my motherboard got about 92 C temperature which is not normal
and everything else is working perfectly without any problem its sometimes when im working it reach 110c and this is totally wrong

i'm not overclocking + i got 4 fans to cool HW

and i don't know what could cause this issue.

any suggestion?
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  1. check with bios temps, in os temp readers aren't always the most reliable
  2. Hi

    Motherboard temps can be lowered by installing good high RPM case fans, the more the merrier.

    Thermaltake A2018 120mm

    Thermaltake A1926 120mm
  3. PROBLEM SOLVED BY ADDING "Thermal Conductive" To the processor

    thank you guys for your help and support
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