Need help and advise for upgrading

Hi Everyone,

I need to upgrade my Comp urgently. I think the caveman still used mine..

Here is what I was thinking, Please advise;

1.AMD Athlon X2 7750

2.Motherboard (Need your help) Dont really have the money now for seperate grafixcard, which motherboard with onboard grafix)(Next month I want to Get the Asus Grafix card 4560 with 512 ram) Please help

3. Kingston DDR 2 800 *2

4. 500GB Seagate Harddrive

Please help

Thanks AJ
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  1. whats ur budget?
  2. I would go with a phenom II personally rather than the 7750

    an AMD 790GX motherboard. Not down with current models I'm afraid.
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