HELP! Please... Is a 6+2 pin connector same as 8 pin?

HELP! Please... Is a 6+2 pin connector same as 8 pin?

I am buying a Inno3D GTX 295 OC edition and I currently have a Zalman ZM850 PSU, I just want to know if the standard 6+2 pin connector is the "8 pin" connector that a GTX 295 needs.

Look at the specs on the site and please tell me! +D
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  1. Yes it's the same.
  2. Yes.
  3. Yea, it like you've got the little 6pin pcie connector and you either clip or slide the 2pin extra onto place. No difference from the 8pin, except you can take it apart to make a 6 pn :) best of both worlds. Before you buy it, make sure it's got enough amps on the 12v rail for the gtx monster XD
  4. I know this is old thread, but I have to make sure:

    In my VGA there are 2 connectors: 8pin and 6pin. In manual they said:
    Connect 2 x 6 pin or just 1 8 pin. On my Aurum 1200w there is PCI-E power connector 6+2 pin, but I noticing that 8 pin is 4 yellow and 4 black, but in 6+2 there is only 3 yellow and 5 black. They are still same ???
  5. Yes itll work fine.
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