Hi All,

Please help!

My problem is:
BIOS is not detecting my Kingston DT Mini Fun 2GB flash drive. I'd like to boot from it and the most important thing is I'd like to reinstall Windows XP, enabling the RAID/AHCI mode through the F6 installation using my flash drive emulated as a floppy drive.

Once I've used HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to prepare the drive. BIOS detected it and everything went well. Than I found out that I'm not running in RAID/AHCI mode for my SATA drives so I'm planning to reinstall windows.
BUT... when I went to BIOS... IT'S NOT THERE ANYMORE! BIOS doesn't know that the drive is plugged. I'm sure I've seen it detected and showing menus before. I'm sure my drive is working well other than this.
Tried to clear CMOS, reformat the USB drive with no prevail.

Mobo abit IX38QuadGT, latest available BIOS version (Phoenix), Windows XP Pro SP3

Please help! My BIOS is ignoring it.
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  1. This is not Windows OS or BIOS problem,the problem is from SP3. Then install the SP3 you have to reinstall the original USB Drivers for your matherboard.
    Sorry for my English.
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