Why wont pinnacle studio recognize my dvd 8 5 gb

Hi ,

I am done with my video project and I am working on Pinnacle Studio Ultimate and its saying I have a bad disk everytime it completes.
However, it successfully burned two of the same type of DVD. I used Memorex 8.5.
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  1. Pinnacle Studio has a lousy burner program built in. I have version 11.1 and select "Create disk content but don't burn" and then use Nero to make the DVD using the files generated by Studio.

    It gets worse...

    Often (usually) Pinnacle Studio will make files that are rejected by Nero as not conforming to proper DVD standards.
    I get around that by running the files through DVD Shrink. The files it makes are compatible and work every time.

    Get DVD Shrink by clicking
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