For the upcoming first year of university, I am getting a laptop (a gaming one)
It will most likely be the Asus G series, but I am contemplating on this issue
I have $200-250 to spend on anything I want apart from the laptop itself, and here are the options I am considering:
P.S. I have a logitech G5 mouse, no headphones, and no mousepad

Option 1) Corsair Force 60gb: ~$210
2) Possibly Mousepad

Option 2) Steelseries Ikari: ~$90
Steelseries Siberia V2: ~90
Mousepad: ~20

Option 3) Corsair Nova 32gb: ~90
Steelseries Siberia V2: ~90
Mousepad: ~20

I would like an ssd in the laptop, but if I get the force I can't get headphones.
Is it worth getting an ssd as fast as Corsair Force, or is it fine with Corsair Nova 32gb?
I will not upgrade or purchase new hardware for five years of university, so I need to make the right decision.
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  1. 32GB is tight, and depending on what courses you're taking and what software you may have to use for them over the next 5 years then it might not meet your needs.

    My Windows 7 system takes up 55GB (includes a 10GB hibernate file) with MS Office / Visio / Visual Studio and Adobe Web Premium CS4, as well as perhaps a couple dozen other small programs.
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