Trying to install 32 bit XP on HP MS214

I have a HP MS214 all in one, it shipped with Win 7 x64. What I want to do is dual boot XP Pro 32 bit with it. I was considering XP 64 bit, but the lack of support for the OS isn't encouraging.

Can I do this through by changing the BIOS setting (the SATA, ACHI, or whatever), or do I need to slipstream drivers into the install disc? I've been trying to do this for a month now, and can't find a definitive answer. If I can't soon find a solution, my next step will probably be a computer shop to do it for me.

I have nLite installed, and downloaded the drivers for XP, but when I tried to slipstream them, it asked for INF files, not exe ones.

System Specs:

AMD Athlon X2 3250e dual core CPU
ATI Radeon 3200 Graphics
WD Caviar Blue 320GB Sata HDD

Many thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. The driver file might be a self unpacking archive. Try running it to see.

    Oh, and wise move avoiding the XP-64 bit. . .
  2. OK, I finally got it installed. It was a simple change in the BIOS. There were 2 settings, I changed the wrong one the first time. I found the one that the only choices were SATA & IDE, I selected IDE, and the install went well.

    I did have to hunt down some drivers, was lucky in finding a free driver finder on Google (Device Doctor), you run it, and get all of the drivers you need. The audio driver, Realtek HD, I found at File Hippo.

    Now, there's one issue left. When I change the BIOS setting back to SATA, and reboot, it goes to the XP Pro install, tries to boot, but it BSOD's, and goes into an endless cycle of this. Finally, I set the BIOS back to IDE, everything's fine.

    I did install all of the SATA drivers that I could find, the CPU driver, and there was one offered from Windows Update at 1st check. I checked both the AMD & HP sites, there wasn't much to offer, besides the CPU & GPU drivers.

    What I want to do now, is to set up my dual boot with Win 7, but until this is resolved, I may have problems running the install that I have backed up in IDE mode, being that it was running in it's native SATA mode. I suppose that I could clean install it (7 Pro x64), and run both in IDE mode, but would rather resolve this issue & run both in SATA mode.

    Any suggestions?

  3. Windows 7 has native SATA drivers, WinXP does not. You need to slipstream the sata/raid drivers into the XP install for it to work. This is why XP works in IDE mode, but not SATA mode.

    Also, when dual booting, you need to install the oldest OS first. If you do not do this, you will need a utility such as EasyBCD to fix the boot loader.
  4. I already have XP Pro installed in the 1st partition. Hopefully, I'll find the proper driver to where it'll boot in SATA mode soon.

    Is there any loss of performance by running in IDE Mode? My old notebook that died on me a couple of months ago ran 7 Home Basic perfectly fine. That particular version of 7 has no Aero, so the screen looked good.

    Many thanks for the advice that's been given me so far.

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    The sata driver should be on the disk that came with your motherboard. It is sometimes listed as a sata/raid driver even though you aren't using raid.

    You can leave it in IDE mode if you want. You will lose the NCQ feature of the drive and any hot swap capabilities. You probably wouldn't even notice the change.
  6. Thanks! My computer didn't ship with a driver disc, so I'll go to AMD's site & see what I can find. The last time I was there, I recall seeing a sata/raid driver, but didn't know what it was for.

    I'll hunt that down & give it a shot.

  7. Thanks for all advice given! I now have all of my Windows OS's, even my OEM install of 7 Pro, back on here.

    What I did was simply left the BIOS setting in IDE mode, on 7, I can't even tell the difference. But I can tell the difference with XP, it has never looked so good, nor ran so good, in all of my years of running it. That VGA compatible driver for XP made a big difference.

    Had I knew it was going to be this good, I would've installed Win 2K on it too. I still may, but on a small HDD that I have laying around.

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