SLI bridge connector questions


Anyway so just bought 2 MSI n285 GTX's.

I open the package and to my luck, theres no SLI bridge connector which I found was pretty cheap.

Anyway, will a TRI SLI Bridge connector work? Its the only one my store has.

Thank you in advance :)

Pics of my babies!

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  1. The SLi bridge should be included with your motherbaord.
  2. i just set up 2 GTX 280's and can confirm that a 3-way SLI bridge will work!!
    be sure to install latest drivers and REBOOT!! my 2 cards mem did not register
    until i rebooted.. and.......
    yes!! i love it!! but i was not prepared for the heat, you will certainly need to bump
    the fans up :)

    hope this helps,

    i7 940 (@3.4 Ghz) vista 64xx
    P6T 6 GB dominator 1600
    2x GTX 280
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