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First off, I am a newbie when it comes to liquid cooling. I am really interested in going this route. My TRUE heatsink is great, but it is too large. With 2 fans mounted (push/pull) its awesome, but I am unable to seat RAM in 2 of my DIMM slots. I currently have all 4 DIMMS populated (4x2gb), but removed the fans off the heatsink to accomplish this. Temps are too warm for my taste without the fans mounted. BIOS was reporting 40c idle, and SpeedFan was showing ~65c in GTAIV. I don't have a Prime95 temp, but i'm sure its warm. My system is a gaming rig, and a workstation (I run multiple VMs).

I currently OC my 955BE @ 3.6ghz, but plan on upgrading to a 1090T BE and would like to OC it as well (hopefully 4.0ghz).

I was checking out the Corsair H50. And read some mixed reviews. I know it's not a true liquid cooling solution, but it does save a lot of space and seems to do its job OK.

Anyone recommend a good liquid cooling solution? Is the H50 a good alternative option? Thank you in advance!
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    The H50 is as good as a TRUE with push pull fans.

    As long as you replace the stock fan, go push pull, and pull cool air into the case. You'll probably see a bit lower temps by a few C at most. It's not bad, give it a try.

    Top quality entry watercooling for a CPU (and not a i980 at 4.6 LOL, need more) starts at $240.

    Look at the link up top here and this is the basic kit of top notch WC parts. Not really a kit, good stuff sold in a package really. You WILL get better temps 100% for sure with the expensive kit. You get what you pay for.

    My rig;
  2. Thank you both for the links and info. Helps a bunch!
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