SOLVED:Clear cmos jumper set, but computer still powers on & Wont Post

To start with the basic problem:
1. Computer wont post.
2. When i set the clear cmos jumper, the computer still powers on like normal, doesnt post and doesnt reset the bios.

Hers the background, I have this computer thats pretty infected with some viruses and I don't know if this is related to virus's or not.

The computer froze and now it will not post.

When i set the cmos jumpers to the clear setting the computer still turns on. Normally when i short those jumpers on any other computer, it doesn't start and it just resets the bios.

This doesnt reset the bios.

Ive tried alot:
-unplugging all power and peripherals to the motherboard for 5 minutes.
-taking out the battery for 5 minutes
-taking out and putting the ram back in
-using only the onboard video card.

But still nothing, the cmos will not reset and the jumper setting to reset it doesnt work.

The motherboard is an ecs a740gm-m.

I had flashed the bios in hope of that helping, but that didnt. It flashed the bios successfully and worked for a little bit longer before this happened.

Any ideas how to reset the bios?
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  1. Possible reasons:

    1. Dead PSU
    2. RAM/CPU,etc loose
    3. Overheating

    Also check if your RAM is getting the correct voltage. If it dosen't things like this could happen.
  2. Maybe i didnt make myself clear, when i set the clear cmos jumper the computer powers on, cpu, case fans and hard drives all start up. Normallly when you do this, all those things stay off.

    1. I'll try a new power supply, but its pretty new, less than 6 months old.

    2. checked ram and cpu, both solid in there

    3. not overheating, because it does this after a full night of not being on.

    Still doesn't explain why the clear cmos jumper doesn't work like its suppost to.

    Ive had all those problems before and ive always been able to do the clear cmos jumper and have the computer stay off.

    Any other ideas?
  3. all the fans start when i turn it on.

    Everything turns on and stays on, even with the clear cmos jumper set.

    When I WAS able to clear the cmos in the past, everything stayed off, thats how i know its not doing it now.
  4. Switch off PSU.
    Press the power button while the PSU is switched off.
    Set all CMOS Jumpers to Clear
    Take out battery
    Wait a good 20-30 minutes

    Then try it.
  5. You are not supposed to leave the jumper in the "Clear CMOS" position when you boot.

    And the fans starting does not necessarily indicate a good PSU. Neither do any motherboard LED's that may be on.
  6. I figured it out.

    You guys were right, it was something with the power supply.

    This power supply doesn't have one of the 4pin, square motherboard connections so I had a molex to square motherboard connection that I guess had come loose at the molex connector.

    I put in another power supply with a built in 4 pin and it worked, then retried the original power supply, unplugging and plugging in everything again and its worked good for a full 12 hours, so I think that was it.

    Thanks guys.
  7. Had the exact same problem, tried the power supply unplugging and replugging , and that seems to have worked for now at least.
    Here's my thread

    Any ideas why the heck this happens at all? Doesn't seem like any specific component is dead.
  8. i tell everyone this so, just take it or leve it.

    if it is a i5 or i7 it is already ocing look into a Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology Monitor and update your video drivers too they do not update on there own. Even on auto update.
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