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I'm simply trying to record some audio straight off of the computer, nothing fancy involving line-in or anything of the sort. To be specific, I'm attempting to record a video of myself playing a game, but the audio is only ever about as audible as a whisper, even at the highest volume settings. And this isn't just a video problem, make no mistake: The same thing would happen if I were to, say, record audio off of Youtube through Audacity or something of that nature.

I'm running on a Sound Blaster Audigy card- Yes, I'm well aware of what you folks think of Creative's products, but I was working with a tight budget when I built this computer and I had somehow overlooked the fact that my motherboard was equipped with integrated sound. On that note, I get the same issues when trying to record with integrated sound as well, so I doubt this is a hardware problem.

Now, here's the thing: I've already poked around in the Sound Controls panel and set everything to max. This sound card even has a volume slider specifically for recording from the computer, aptly titled "What-U-Hear"- naturally, I've got that maxed as well, to no avail. For what it's worth, I was able to record sound perfectly from my other computer for a time, but it soon developed these same issues for reasons I've never quite ascertained. Any ideas?

EDIT: One other thing I should mention before somebody else does- I've already tried updating the sound card's driver, which seems to have done little more than add some rather irritating dial-up modem tone to my headphones.
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    How exactly are you trying to make the recording? What cable, plugged into which jack? Connected to what sort of recorder?

    If you mean that you're recording in software, what program are you using? Make sure your audio input is set to directly take the output, rather than a microphone recording what the speakers are playing (BTDT).
  2. I was using Audacity and some other random program to do the recording. I poked around Audacity's preferences, and I saw something I overlooked the last time around labeled "Smart Recording"- I turned that on, and the sound seems to be recording fine.

    Of course, that doesn't really help the video recording situation, but I tried that again, and it seems to be working fine as well; granted, I have my sound turned up a bit higher than usual, and the sound is still a bit lower than what's actually playing, but I can at least work with it now, so I won't worry about it.
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