USB plugs will not wake from Standby on Win XP

My computer used to wake from standby by moving either my USB mouse of keyboard. Now, the USB plugs, any of them, dont seem to have any power. No software was installed lately. If I hit the power key on the computer, computer powers up but without the mouse or keyboard, not much use. I have to power down and back up to get USB power. Anyone?
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  1. I have also checked the boxes that say the mouse or keyboard can be used to wake up the computer. They were never unchecked. If I use the power button, by screen comes to life asking what I want to do. Cant do anything without a mouse or keyboard, but, the computer is alive at this point. If I unplug the keyboard and plug it back in when it is like this, nothing, went and got another USB device, plugged it in, nothing. Tried the front USB plugs, the back, nothing, all acts the same as in dead. HELP..... Not using standby is not a good option.
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