ASUS M3N78 Pro intergrated GPU vs my old 7900GS?

Hello everyone! :hello:

First time member here though not new to the site, and I could some edumakated opinions please.

I just went through a partial rebuild of my main comp, with the new components being:
Asus M3N78 Pro Motherboard GeForce 8300 chipset
AMD Athlon X2 6000
2gb DDR2 running Dual Channel

Problem is a new graphics card just was not in the budget right now, thus I'm still running my old GeForce 7900GS 256mb/ram PCIe. As you can guess I'm a bit behind in performance in the graphics department. I am also a bit behind these days in my knowledge of where the new GPU's are preforming vs what we had a generation or two ago.

A few years ago when I was still current on hardware specs and comparisons, I would not go near any Integrated GPU with a smelly stick. But from all the reviews I could find tonight on the GeForce 8300's mGPU, it seems on board graphics have made some nice steps forward. But I can't seem to find anything so far that I could use to get an idea of how my on board graphics would fair vs my old 7900GS 256mb/ram. I know my onboard mGPU utilizes 512mb/ram, though it is "shared" memory.

So, can anyone give me some ideas of how my onboard graphics would/might stack against the old 7900GS? I can not seem to locate any clock or memory speeds for the onboard mGPU at this time.

Also, I am still on Win XP Pro. So Hybrid SLI and DX10 are out for now.

Any info or opinions would be great, and thanks all in advance.

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  1. Your 7900gs blows your onboard away no competition. The 7900gs has even more muscle then a 8600gt graphics card. Btw onboard graphics use system memory which slows down your pc overall performance.
  2. Thanks for the reply Cyber_jockey.

    I had the feeling someone would say that. Thought I'd take a stab in the dark with it though, as the 7900GS is a bit old now and low on RAM. I just did not want to muck up a new OS install with different driver sets just to confirm my suspicions.
  3. Is it possible to disable the onboard GPU?
    I mean, to free all RAM for the OS, since I have 4Gb RAM installed but Windows only detect 3,50Gb....
    Rest must be reserved for onboard GPU :(
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