Gateway FX6800-01e Power Light Doesn't work in Sleep Mode

No one including Gateway or the Best Buy GeekSquad seems to have an answer to this baffling problem. I just got a brand new Gateway FX6800-01e computer. It is a replacement for one I got at Christmas that had a few technical problems. When in sleep mode, the power light is supposed to blink or fade in and out. It is off completely. It works fine when the machine is powered up, but is off in sleep mode.

The power light in my previous system worked fine. A friend of mine who is a Best Buy GeekSquad employee is baffled as well as his fellow employees. The machine works fine otherwise, and as I said, the light is fine with a steady orange light when the machine is on. My friend got a post on his employee website and it was suggested that the problem may be "deep in the bios configuration", quoting the post. They also checked the Vista power settings, and the light is connected properly to the motherboard. It would be nice to know at a glance if the machine is powered off completely or just in sleep. Any ideas in solving this will sure be appreciated. Thanks. Tom
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  1. Why do you care? This could be relative to how the motherboard sends a signal the front panel leds as long as their all connected properly don't worry about it.
  2. ravenware said:
    Why do you care? This could be relative to how the motherboard sends a signal the front panel leds as long as their all connected properly don't worry about it.

    I care because this is a brand new system and since I know it is supposed to work, I'm just curious as to why it doesn't. Besides, it is more convenient knowing at a glance whether the computer is shut down completely or not.
  3. I had the same problem on my gateway fx 6800-11. For whatever reason the "pulse" of the power light in standby is controlled by a program called "smartcopy". This program is also runs the memory card reader at the top of the computer. If you exit out of the smartcopy program before going into sleep mode, the light will simply turn off as if the pc were shut down. This program should automatically start along with another program called smartlauncher, which is used to operate the media touch screen on the pc. If these programs do not run at startup, you may need to run msconfig and make sure they are enabled in the startup tab. (to run msconfig, simply type msconfig in the search bar in the start menu and hit enter).
    If you intentionally disabled these programs in order to gain performance, I would advise against it. I had made the mistake of disabling these programs on startup, and I found the pc sometimes became unstable when using the usb ports near the memory card reader and would sometimes crash- but letting these programs run fixed the problem as well and my dead standby light.
    I am going to assume that the proper drivers for gateway's custom parts are somehow tied to these two programs.
    Anyway, I hope this fix works for you.
  4. Thanks Bigstark!!! Wow!!! You solved my problem! It has been driving me crazy for months since I got the computer back in January. What's more, no one else including all the geeks at BestBuy knew what caused it either. They only played around with the Vista power settings. I pretty much gave up since it was not a major problem, just one I was curious to solve.

    What has me wondering is why weren't these enabled when I got my system? I checked Startup as you suggested, and there is no reference to either program. I decided to type in Smartcopy and Smartlauncher into the search window and sure enough both programs popped up, so I double clicked and enabled them. Sure enough, when I tried sleep mode the light started pulsing.

    I am a big MS Flight Sim fan and need as clean a config on startup as I can get. Any idea how much these programs tax my resources? Are both needed together? Now I can sleep again. :lol: Thanks again. Regards, Tom
  5. According to the task manager, the processes for smartcopy and smartlauncher are using around 2.5 megabytes of ram, so you can expect a little over 5 megs of ram to be used up by these programs at all times. Since most (if not all) of the gateway fx series pc's have 3 or more gigabytes of ram, you won't have to worry about these little programs slowing you down. While I do know that the smartcopy program seems to be tied to the power lighting on my system, I have noticed stability issues if I run smartcopy without the smartlauncher program. From what I can see for the specs on your pc model, you should be able to easily run any of the MS Flight Simulator games with some nice graphic settings. Have fun and happy flying!
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