DNS Problem

I was using the internet on 2 computers with 1 connection through Window's ICS (Internet Connection Sharing).

This were (and still are my settings):

Main PC (the one where the the internet is initially coming from) has the following IpV4 settings:

default gateway: (blank)

2nd PC

default gateway:

(i have also tried setting the Preferred DNS server to, because I had this on too when it worked fine)


The internet worked fine before few days when there was thunderstorm, but if there was some hardware problem I'm guessing the network wouldn't work at all, because I can transfer files from one PC to the other through the LAN without any problem. But the 2nd PC won't get internet. Pinging from my main PC works fine (I'm also using that PC to post this), but I can't ping anything on the other PC except this PC's ping which is

I've tried diagnosing the connection on PC1, and i get "The network adapter has no valid IP configuration" but, I used the came config when the internet was working. And diagnosing the connection on the other PC shows up with "There may be problem with your DNS configuration".

The bigest puzzle is why did it stop working all of sudden and why do I get DNS problem when there was nothing changed in the IP settings.

P.S: Both PCs are using Windows Vista.
P.P.S: Can the weatherstorm really damaged the network? If so why is the normal file sharing working then? And internet connection can not be established on the 2nd PC while it works fine on the 2nd. (ICS Enabled)

Thanks in advance and sorry for the big wall of text but I wanted to give as much information as possible.
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  1. Like you said, it's doubtful that your network was damaged by the thunderstorm, since you can still transfer files. Just to make sure though, you can always try to reverse your PCs: Set PC 1' s config to that of PC 2's, and vice-versa.

    Alternatively, you can also try setting alll your TCP/IP settings for both computers to blank and let Windows figure things out by itself.
  2. Just saw on another topic that if I am able to open a website by it's IP address instead of domain it is DNS problem. I tried opening google.com by it's IP and I couldn't so now I'm starting to think that the msg "there may be problem with your DNS settings" is incorrect(as it suggests "may be a problem"). Since it isn't I don't know what to do next, maybe it's time to start thinking of buying new Ethernet modems.
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