Using IDE optical drive and SATA HDD?

I just bought this mobo and was wondering if I should be ok using an IDE optical and a SATA HDD with it? I have heard IDEs are better for optical but I really know nothing about this stuff (building my first rig) and read it's not good to mix IDE and SATA devices. Can anyone shed some light on this?
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  1. I use IDE Optical and SATA HD's on several of my systems. It's no problem. You should be able to buy an Optical drive supporting the read/write speeds you want whether IDE or SATA. IDE cables are wide and much larger than a thin SATA cable. So an IDE cable may block air flow and cramp up the space. SATA interface requires no jumpers like IDE does.
  2. If you have and IDE optical drive, go ahead and use it. If you are buying a new drive, get a SATA drive.
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