Computer freezing, details inside

(Background info)
So I've recently had an issue installing Warhammer 40k DoW2 through steam. My computer would freeze and not respond until restarted when it tries to install the games for windows management program. I figured this might have been an independent problem, but I have included it just in case.

(Current issue)
I recently bought C&C RA3 off of and after installing it, whenever I attempt to run the program my computer instantly freezes/still screens. Further, I have become aware that whenever I hit the printscreen button I got the exact same type of freeze. The computer simply displays the current imagine, but becomes entirely non-responsive. I have run a " sfc /scannow " in cmd, but it did not show any errors or help.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I am running:

Nvidia 8800GTX (Driver updated 2/9/09)
Intel Q9550 (2.83 Quad Core)
Gigabyte motherboard (not sure of the exact model number, but it supports up to 8gigs of ram)
6 gigs ram (2x 2gig sticks 2x 1 gig sticks)
900 Watt psu
Windows Vista 64bit
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  1. boot offline in safe mode
    run msconfig
    turn off all the boot stuff other then antivirus or ms in start up

    service hide microsoft - same thing - turn off stuff you do not need

    remove the game
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