CM Hyper TX3 or Xigmatek S963?

Hi all,

I have an E4300 1.8ghz on a Asus P5LP-LE mobo. Not oc'd at present but its something I plan on doing in the near future.
Which of these two would you recommend? The S963 looks to have slightly better performance but the TX3 is cheaper (Thai prices btw). Will I see any significant difference between the two?
BTW my stock cooler screws directly into the mobo, no push-in pegs, just 4 screws. Does this complicate things for me as I do not want to remove the board.

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  1. Yeah positive. Bought the pc new and I've not changed anything.
    It's a HP Pavillion a6089l if that helps.
  2. Just had a look inside.
    Can't find a part no. on the cooler but the fan is
    So NOT the Intel stock cooler.
    What's that they say about assumption??
    How do I upload pics straight from my pc to here?

  3. So I'm going to have to take the mb out afterall. That means I could have had my first choice CM 212 Plus but at 159mm it's too high for my case (165mm wide).
    I'm gonna go with the Xiggy S963 - it gets goods reviews everywhere and I'm sure it will be adequate for my needs.

    Edit: Oh and some good quality TIM as well (AS5 or MX3).
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