Upgrading from GTX 260 to GTX 285 ??

My system is : Cpu E6850 3 GHZ, mobo Asus P5KC, 4GB Ram OCZ 1066 Mhz, PSU Zalman 600 W, Windows XP SP2, monitor Samsung 2232BW 22".

My question is: I have a XFX GTX 260 xxx edition card. I play at 1680X1050 resolution, very high details and i am satisfied with my perfomance. I will sell my card for 220€ to a friend of mine and i will give another 130€ to buy a GTX 285 card. I saw in some forums that GTX 285 is about 22% faster from my card and 12% from GTX 280. Am i see any difference? Is it worthing, specially in Crysis which i play all the time? I also play COD, World in Conflict, Company of heroes, Assasins Creed, Kings Bounty: the Legend, Far Cry 2 etc...etc...

P.S. My PSU will handle the new GTX 285 card?
P.S.2 Sorry for my poor english

I expect your help...
Thank you!
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  1. I dont know, but in some of the charts I have seen going from a 260 up to a Superclocked or OCed 280 there is some of a performance increase at least by 10 frames in some cases. Now with the 285 you are getting the 55nm which they are saying increased performance by 10% from the 65nm 280's. If you can get a good price for your xxx, I would sell it for a 20% increase in performance, but I am still looking for that card that will handle FSX. Shoot I would get the fastest 285 and then OC that to a much higher stable and then you are pretty far ahead of the game. I wouldn't say way ahead of the game but it may just be good enough. Definitely something to think about if the money situation works out.
  2. Thank you guys!
    Maybe i will keep my GTX 260 xxx.
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