Ssd with ghost copy as new C: drive

my IT guy was stumped on this one:

i copied my freshly formatted HDD with Vista 64, MS office and a few other applications to my new OCZ 60gb SSD using Norton Ghost. both are SATAII.

I then set the new SSD to be the boot drive in BIOS

it seems to be booting from the ssd successfully because it seemed very fast, but once it is booted, i think it is actually running from the old C: drive

i tried unplugging all drives except the new SSD, believing it would now be seen as C: if it was the only drive there, but I get a BIOS error screen saying "IDE master error", with and F1 exit to a dead end.
this occurs with and without the optical drives connected. I didnt think SATA utilized slave/master designations, and why and IDE error with nothing but SATA there?

My original thought was to just change the identity of the new SSD to "C:" after copying and wipe the old HDD, but i cant quite get there.
The actual question: is it possible to make this idea work or will i have to do a clean install to the SSD?

any help here would be appreciated
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  1. Look at your hard drive in "Disk Management." (start/computer/right click/manage/choose disk management under storage)

    Do you have a "System Reserved" 100MB partion on the drive, without a drive letter. Windows 7 does this on a fresh install. In contains all the "boot files" and where Windows is.

    So, is the original hard drive partioned up, and the ghost program didn't do that?

    To get the most out of your SSD, do a fresh install. Windows 7 will recognize the drive as a SSD, and optimize the drive. I doubt "ghosting" a drive will do that. SSD need TRIM to self optimize, a part of Windows 7 (or Intel chipset drivers).

    I've read others advise to NEVER CLONE A SSD. I'll look for a link...
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