Best AM2+/AM3 socket crossfire enabled motherboard?

Hey guys, i'm working on a new gaming system build and i want to run two 4770's in crossfire. What do you think the best motherboard for this set up is? This is kind of off-topic; but what processor would you recommend an AMD triple core or AMD quad core? Last but not least, any comments on cooling?

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  1. Well,,for what it's worth this is sorta what I am considering,for the near future ,,sorta,,Mobo Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-UD5P,and when it happens AMD's latest quad core cpu,and my current cooler the Arctic Cooler 64 pro,,of course in my case this may not happen until the autumn of this year or later,depends of course ..

    If you are conned into putting in ram with huge unnecessary heat sinks ,,well you will have to get a different cpu cooler personally I would suggest getting ram that is as bare as is possible because a good cpu cooler will also help cool said ram,,free as it were ...:)
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