Sata raid + sata drives on motherboard controller

Anyone know HOW and IF i can install both a raid 0 volume and a separate SATA drive on the same motherboard controller on an MSI 790XT-G45 motherboard?
I tried a PCI sata controller for my esata backup and it doesn't get past 80mb/s (PCI bus limit) and I don't want to lose my data or sacrifice speed.
I used nLite for the install (great program) so I don't need a floppy and a full install with my application environment takes only 10 minutes but the key to safety is the external backups...
Help anyone?
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  1. Nobody eh? that sucks.

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  2. Depends on the chipset whether it allows normal disks when the controller is operating in RAID mode; Intel does allow this and i think AMD might too but i'm not sure.

    You would need an AHCI-compliant OS, so Windows XP would not work without additional drivers.

    If you would not be installing Windows to the RAID0, you can create a software RAID0 instead which may be easier and circumvents the RAID stuff as they would be three plain disks to Windows; with 2 of them in a dynamic striping configuration, meaning software RAID0
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