Wd 2tb external hard drive not recognized

My Drive was fully loaded with movies and other files and it was functioning properly with my Macbook. After a brief power outage, I restarted the drive and the contents had been erased. Now the drive is not being recognized by my computer at all. Any ideas...?
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  1. If the drive was wiped clean as you say, it may need to be formatted in order for your computer to recognize it. This may require pulling the drive from its enclosure. Before formatting, you may wish to explore data recovery.

    I am sure some folks here will know about data recovery links that may help, but of course there is no guarantee you will get your data back. This is unfortunate, it looks like you were counting on this drive as your backup. It sounds like a newer drive at 2 TB, so I assume it is under warranty.
  2. If you can remove the HDD from its case and mount it inside your computer as an internal drive, that MIGHT help. Sometimes the problem is with the case, its cables, or its own disk interface board. The HDD itself MIGHT be OK.
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