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Hello to everyone, Well here is my prob. I have a dell inspiron 530 with vista 64 with a 20 inch flat monitor very basic. I bought a GeForce 9600gso 768 graphics card to watch movies and I don't do any gameing at all. I opned it up and read everything and now I need a new power supply. So I orderd 500-watt stealth xstream power suplly form dell, Will this work? I have not installed the card yet, Should I install power supply first or the card? And is it hard to install power supply? Can anyone Help? Thanks to all!! Rick
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  1. If your i530 has the 350 watt psu there's no need to change it.
    The difficulty of the psu swap depends on how the wires are routed, on the XPS410 they were routed behind the heatsink so it needed to be swung out of the way.
    Shouldn't be a problem with the 530 thought
  2. Note if you intend to game on that gso, may want to return it and get a faster card like a 9600gt or maybe even just return it and grab a 4670. A lot of those 9600gso with the 768 mb of memory have the ddr2 memory which might slow it down a bit.
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