Prime 95 runs OK for hours but SiSoftware Sandra hangs every time

I have built a PC with an AMD Phenom II 550 BE unlocked all 4 cores and overclocked to 3.55GHz temp never goes over 50C (doesn't reach mid 40s except in Prime95). I can run Prime95 (and any other software) for hours and never have a problem but if I run the processor arithmetic benchmark in Sandra it hangs straight away. Is this an instability problem or what, should I be worried. Any ideas anyone?
Mother board is an Asrock 880G Extreme 3
2 x 2Gb OCZ RAM
Hyper TX3 cooler
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  1. I just thought & tried taking the processor back to 3.1GHz and trying again (still with the extra 2 cores) and it ran OK. Does this mean my system is unstable at 3.55GHz?
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