Can I fit zalman performa and hyper212plus in antec 900

can i fit zalman cnps10x performa and hyper 212+ in antec 900

and also can i fit them in coolermaster cosmos 1000
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    The hyper 212 should just about fit. It's 159mm high, and the antec chassis is about 200mm wide. If we assume no more than 3 centimeters are wasted with side covers and such, that'd leave 17 for motherboard and probably 16cm for the cooler.

    The zalman is smaller, so it's definetly going to fit. They've never been easy to install though, but you only do that once.
  2. i had this question too, got out a ruler but was still unsure, appreciate the answer
  3. You might not have space for a side panel fan, my Scythe Mugen 2 is 158mm high and one of the bolt-looking things blocks me from having a side fan installed. I have an Antec 902, so it's about the same size as the 900.
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