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i have not built a computer in a few years. just been using a laptop but now want a tower. lite on used to be the best per price out there. ive heard they have had some hard times. im looking for a dvd burner with sata. dl would be wanted, dont care about light scribe. what the best per price?
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  1. There's not much difference these days between them in price, they are all dual layer now.
    Prices start from around $22 for internal, you now have them with Blu-Ray as well.
    Start here:
  2. Just about any drive you pick will work just fine. Lite-On is as good as any other. I've had good luck with LG and Samsung drives. Just take your pick of 24x SATA DVD burners.

    Here's a nice LG drive for $25 shipped:

    LG Black 24X SATA DVD Burner
  3. how about
    Lite-On 24X iHAS124
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