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Does anyone have experience with using Windows XP Home edition with Aureal Vortex 2 sound cards? Also, does the upgrade version do a clean install when upgrading from windows 98 SE
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  1. MX300 works on XPpro with their drivers. Same should be for Home. Clean install is a clean install, it is not an upgrade, which keeps all the (compatible) programs running after.

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  2. hey another mx-300 user! yay!
    i dont know many left these days...
    i have a question tho, have you updated the drivers for the card, or are you using the ones that came on the cd?
    because sifot sandra reports that my drivers are probable out of date, and i dont know where to get updated ones, since diamond went sonic blue.
    anyone know?


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  3. Are the MX300 drivers the same as for the Vortex 2?
  4. I'm having a problem with xp and my aureal card were the back speaker will not work and as far as I can tell since aureal is out of buisness and microsoft wrote the xp drivers theres slim chance of getting a driver that will allow surround sound from an aureal card. If your using just two speakers then your fine.

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  5. Yea i have a mx300 too! Same question. Is there a monster driver or using the aureal. Or is any xp drivers for the aureal. The ones with xp are BS.
  6. ""The ones with xp are BS.""

    Well, Fuzz, you have to get off the 'buzz'
    The drivers you call "BS" are reference drivers from Aurial (MS does not write drivers for someone’s hardware, ever), and they work fine (at least for my 2:1 speakers), say thanks to them they included them in XP, otherwise we would not enjoy MX300 ever again and should of gone with something else.

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  7. wait, so the xp drivers work for the mx-300?
    and how would i go about getting updated drivers for my mx-300 for windows 98 second edition?
    diamond doesnt really exist anymore, since they got taken over by sonic blue...
    this kinda sucks, considering that the mx-300 sounds really good....
    the sound quality of this card is superb...and i dont see a need to upgrade it really..
    and i would like to get updated drivers, and make it so that sisoft sandra doesnt tell me to update my drivers...
    anyone know where i can get some?


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  8. <A HREF="" target="_new">This</A> is the latest I know, whoever knows better, welcome...

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  9. Forgot to mention, their latest 2559 set even has control panel for Win2k, hehe. The procedure of installation is different from mine though. I did not have to do anything (too lazy ;) I just ran Au30Upgd.exe rebooted and pointed the rest into the same folder. There was one file missing, I pointed into the older version of the driver (2550) and it finished nicely. So, I think this is more info then you hoped for. I might try to run the same drivers for XP tonight, or tomorrow, will let you know how it went, hehe.

    it's my life, don't tell me what to do with it...
  10. GIve off the buzz!!!! U son of .....

    THe speakers sound the beginning welcome sound then cuts off and then ihave no sound. SO YOU TELL ME SMART MAN.
    U say they are good.
  11. I am really sorry, but usually I try to avoid talking to people which are too lazy to use what's in the head.

    Have fun.

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  12. OK i have found something very useful. It has fixed my problem of sound totally. It was excalty the problem i was having. any load on sound and it woudl cut out or not load at all..
    Here is the link. Try it out.
  13. Even I did not have those kinds of problems, thank you much.
    It is really nice to have peepel carrying about each other, hehe.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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