Core i5 750

hello i have: core i5 750
gigabyte p55-usb3 bios f4
2x2gb kingston ( without heatspreaders)
antec three hundred
ocz modxtreampro 600w
sapphire radeon hd 5830

i am wondering can i with my stock cpu fan overclock the cpu to 3.2 or mayby 3.4 , or is it best to keep my cpu at default and let turbo do its thing?
and if its possible to do the overclock how do i do it?
and final question is easytune 6 any good?
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  1. I There mate
    I have my i5 750@1,22v/3500mhz
    Asus P7P55D LE
    Geil 10660 @1750 CL8
    Antec TP 750
    Antec P193
    Scythe Yasya

    SOrry to abduct your thread but i would like to know if my Voltage is "Killing" too much my CPU, i think´s it´s low.

    I had temps like 75to79 when Prime96 Full Load.
    Now after some modding(in CPUCooler) it´s lower the 72@ Full Load with the OC.

    Im fine right?:p

    Original Poster--I think If you Put Voltage at 1,2v(3,4ghz) you shlound hit 80º Degrees(Full Load) with stock heatsink.But i wouldnt risk Overclocking in intel litle Cooling device

    With the money you spend there you could have bought better Components, im refering to Memories/VGA/PSU/MB...

    Asus P7P55D/Antec EA 650/HD 5850/Gskill Ripjaws 12800 2x2gb DDR3 CL7

  2. At OP:

    Here's a OC guide, probably better ones online if you google.,1.html

    but basically,
    1. set memory multiplier to 8,
    2. set CPU multiplier to 21.
    3. Turn off speedstep and turboboost.
    4. slowly increase block speed, reboot.
    5. Repeat 4 until it doesn't boot.
    6. Increase voltage.
    7. Repeat 4-6 until you reach target overclock.

    Max overclock varies between chips, and depends on your RAM speed. How high an OC you can do with stock fan depends on ambient, and differs form chip to chip.

    OC in the BIOS, not with easytune.

    Silent, those temps look too high. What's ambient and what voltage are you using?
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